Young Wild and Three

The dramatic phase that is called “Threenager” isn’t just a myth. Hell hath no fury than a three-year-old who refuses to take a bath. As Koko approaches age 3, she is becoming even more stubborn, vindictive, and messy! I live in constant fear she would stain her designer clothes (#thestruggleisreal). But it’s never boring; we get to know her real personality each passing day.

Like on one sunny afternoon, while preparing for this photoshoot, I tried to dress her in her daycare uniform (you know, to document the milestone). She put her foot down and said “No Mommy! I don’t like uniform; I want fashion!”.


We opened her closet, and I laid down several outfit options for her, until she ultimately picked her favorite pink dancing dress by Wild & Gorgeous. You see, when it comes to her love for “pweetty” dresses and all things pink, she’s not joking around.

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