Two Soon

Koko is turning two very soon!

At One, she learned to walk, memorized the alphabet, counted 1 to 20, had a cameo in a short film that showed in Cannes, lived in three cities, and traveled to Japan. She loved to watch cartoons, do the Hotdog Dance, sing (off key!) the Finger Family song, eat crumbs off the floor, and hang out in the SF office with her fashionable friends.

But I think the single most enjoyable moment for her ever, was toppling off the bin and rolling on the trash.

Happy early birthday Koko Loco! We cannot wait to see what your second year is gonna be all about. Bring on the Terrible Twos!


Koko is wearing a Gocco dress and Timberland boots. Teepee by Pottly N Tubby. Photographed by Hello Project Space.

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