The Le Toy Van Dollhouse In Real Life

Ever wonder what it is like to own a pastel-colored, four-storey dollhouse that is bigger and taller than you? Two-and-a-half-year-old Koko does; and she thinks it’s fun-tastic!

It all started when I found this gem at 80% off at (promotion finished, sorry!). I know I’ve said before that girly dollhouses aren’t for us…but if you ever see this majestic Cherry Tree Hall dollhouse in person, you’d eat your words too. It has adorable prints, delicate pastel colors, working shutters, and all the bells and whistles. It looks better 1000 times better than our real house #wtf. The back wall also has windows that allow extra light to shine thru, making it very toddler-friendly (and photogenic for the Instagram, #lol). Yes it’s dainty, yes it’s very girly, but it’s not annoying. The color palette is tasteful and easy on the eyes.

On the night I assembled it, I was so excited and Pinterest-worthy set-ups were flashing before my eyes. However, the next day, I caught the toddler (and her father!) happily scribbling on it. I took a deep breath and told myself these doodles will keep her childhood memories alive and well. We’ve had it for nearly a year now, and I’m relieved it has not been smashed to pieces, even though there are a few missing parts. The workmanship on this playset was top-notch; I have no doubts it will last for decades. Unfortunately, the day will come when she will literally outgrow this house, and cannot move in it when turns 18. What a shame.


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