Review: Le Toy Van Noah’s Great Ark play set

Le Toy Van Noah's Ark review

I’ve been looking for non-boring, non-conservative way to introduce Bible stories to Koko, and this play set is a fabulous choice. In the past few months, I turned into a Le Toy Van addict and purchased FIVE sets from them. Most people are happy to own just one.

The Noah’s Ark is available in two sizes, the petite shape sorter version, and the huge Great Ark. Since we are trying to invest in good quality toys, I am hoping that the bigger ark will last us longer.

Noah’s Great Ark is a robust, brightly-painted wooden ark with Noah and wife figures, as well as ten pairs of animals (giraffes, zebras, lions, elephants, penguins, alligators, kangaroos, doves, hippos, and dolphins). The detailing on each animal is impeccable. Check out Mrs. Kangaroo and her little joey in the pouch… so cute! My only gripe is that the Noah and wife figures are not double-sided, meaning the back part is painted a solid color without any design. And also Noah “carries” a wooden cane, and it easily comes off from his hand. It would have been better to have it fixed; a little wood glue would come in handy.

When not in use, all the pieces fit (albeit very tightly) inside the Ark. The side doors can be shut, but the ramp always stays down and cannot be raised.

Honestly speaking, I have not tried telling the Story of the Great Flood to Koko yet. Four months since we assembled the Ark, she has learned most of the animal names and sounds, and she has made the hippo eat the alligator. Her storytelling skills is slowly developing, and hopefully, a little Bible education won’t be too far away from now.



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