Review: Quinny Moodd Stroller

I have a weakness for all design-conscious baby gear, and there’s no question that the Quinny Moodd is one of the most beautifully-made strollers in the market. It is very eye-catching and gorgeous; everyone who saw it wanted one. The Moodd is also the most seamless in terms of design and function among all the strollers I have used (the list is looong!). It has a telescoping adjustable handlebar, one-hand recline, effortless fold and unfold mechanism, a unique T-shaped bumper bar, a medium-sized canopy, and a wide but shallow under-seat basket. Both the canopy and handlebar are removable, and there are “filler” pegs provided to clip onto the holes left open by the removable parts. It was really well-thought of and sophisticated.

The seat itself is cushioned with memory foam and has three recline positions, including a full flat recline suitable for newborns. It can be configured to face either forward or backward by pressing two buttons that click in place.

Air-filled rubber tires make it a dream to push and maneuver, and built-in suspension allows for an ultra-smooth ride. It just glides effortlessly even on rough surfaces. The rear wheels are wider apart than the usual strollers, but the three-wheel design makes it very easy to steer even on crowded places. Admittedly though, I have to watch out for people’s feet in tight spaces, and the stroller only fits in the handicap exit of the Dubai Metro.

When it’s too sunny outside, the medium-sized canopy is insufficient, but Quinny has an optional parasol that does the job. A box bag that clips onto the back of the chassis is also available if you need extra storage. It is also compatible with Maxi Cosi car seats and the Quinny foldable carrycot.

It’s a bit on the expensive side, but if you’re looking for an ultra-sophisticated stroller that can be used from birth onward, this would be a great investment.


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