Review: Skip Hop Duo Signature bag


I am a pack rat and a bit of a crazy bag lady. My quest to find the best diaper bag seems to be never-ending, but I honestly enjoy the shopping part of it.

Skip Hop is a well-known brand when it comes to baby gear and their most iconic “Duo” tote gets a design update on its 10th anniversary. The “Duo Signature” bag features ten pockets, three carrying options, stroller clips, a key ring, and a no-tip design.

The outside and inside pockets are nothing new; the layout has been pretty standard with almost all diaper bags. The Duo Signature has a unique “secret” small pocket on top that is perfect for a phone, a card holder, and a few other small necessities that you need within reach. The interior of the bag is roomy, but the design is deep and slim. You will have to dig underneath or take stuff out at some point. It doesn’t bother me, but I think it’s worth mentioning. Diaper bags tend to be either too large, or too small. This one, for me, is just right for the day-to-day. I have even taken it on long-haul flights as my only carryon.

Daily-Koko-Skip-Hop-Duo-Signature-bag-review-3 A fully-packed Duo Signature bag, based on experience, holds four diapers, a change of clothes for baby, an extra dress for me, a pack of wipes, a formula stacker, three feeding bottles, one sippy cup, one pack of biscuits, a wristlet/wallet, an iPhone with charger, an iPad mini, a pouch with baby’s medical book, two passports, a card holder, some keys, two regular-sized blankets, and one small plush toy. It gets very heavy, but it does hold up and never tips.

All in all, it’s a very functional, almost utilitarian bag. It’s not very flashy nor stylish, but it looks cool enough and it gets the job done.


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